OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

1.4 Keyboard Equivalents

Although the operations you do not require extensive use of OpenWindows menus and the mouse, in some cases you can speed up these operations by using a sequence of keystrokes, called keyboard accelerators, that duplicate the operations of the mouse and menus, and of the pre-configured keyboard keys.

The following table lists several command operations and the keyboard equivalents for both SPARC and IA-based machines.

Note -

The Meta key is the <> key on SPARC keyboards and is obtained on IA keyboards by pressing Ctrl-Alt.

To carry out a keyboard accelerator operation, press and hold the first key (Meta or Control-Alt together) and type the second key. For example, to cut selected text, press and hold the Meta key and press X on a SPARC sytem; on an IA system, press and hold Control and Alt together and press X simultaneously

Table 1-1 Keyboard Accelerators


Keyboard Equivalent 



Meta - a 

Repeats the previous operation 


Meta - c 

Copies the selection to the clipboard 


Meta - x 

Cuts the selection and puts it on the clipboard 


Meta - f 

Finds the selection to the right of the caret 


Help or F1 

Displays a help window with context-sensitive help for the object at the pointer location 


Meta - n 

Loads a new file 

Open (File)

Meta - o 

Opens a file (for example, if you've highlighted a file icon in File Manager) 

Open (Window)

Meta - w 

Opens an icon or closes a window to an icon 


Meta - v 

Copies the clipboard selection to the insertion point 


Meta - p 

Sends the file to the printer (for example, if you've highlighted a file icon in File Manager) 


Meta - i 

Displays the property window for th application at the pointer location 


Shift-Meta - p 

Undoes an Undo 


Meta - s 

Save the current file 


Stop or Esc 

Stops the current operation 


Meta - u 

Undoes the previous operation