OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

A.1 SPARC: Migrating from the SunView Environment

If you are migrating to the OpenWindows environment from the SunView environment, the following information may make your transition easier.

A.1.1 The .defaults and .Xdefaults Files

To customize your OpenWindows environment in the same way as your SunView environment, you can convert your .defaults file (used by the SunView software) into an .Xdefaults file (used by the OpenWindows software). If you have a .defaults file in your home directory, you should run the convert_to_Xdefaults program that's in your home directory, as follows:

$ cd
$ /usr/openwin/bin/convert_to_Xdefaults .defaults

This creates an .Xdefaults file in your home directory that is used to customize your OpenWindows environment when you start the software.