OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

B.1 Making the Transition from SunOS 4.x

The Solaris 2.5 environment includes SunOS 5.x system software. The following sections present a brief description of the differences between SunOS 4.x and SunOS 5.x for both users and system administrators.

B.1.1 SPARC: Changes Affecting SunOS 4.x Users

Some of the more obvious differences between SunOS 4.x releases and the SunOS 5.x releases are:

For more information on the preceding topics, see Solaris 1.x to 2.x Transition Guide.

B.1.2 SPARC: Changes Affecting SunOS 4.x System Administrators

Some of the differences you will find in migrating to the SunOS 5.x environment from a SunOS 4.x environment are:

Figure B-1 Device-naming Convention


Note that on some disks (xy, xd) there is no target component; such disks have names like c0d0s0.

B.1.3 SPARC: Compatibility with SunOS 4.x Releases for SPARC Systems

The Solaris 2.5 environment provides two packages to ease the transition and migration to the SunOS 5.x system software for SPARC systems:

If you use these packages, remember that they are a temporary transition aid only for

B.1.3.1 SPARC: The SunOS/BSD Source Compatibility Package

If this software package is installed, it supports some of the SunOS/BSD commands that are not included in, or have changed in, the SunOS 5.x system software. Application source code that is compliant with the SunOS 4.x environment will compile and run under the Solaris 2.5 environment by using the SunOS/BSD Source Compatibility package.

For specific details, see Binary Compatibility Guide and Source Installation and Media Preparation Guide.

B.1.3.2 SPARC: The SunOS Binary Compatibility Package

OpenWindows and other executable applications that are either dynamically linked or statically linked and written under SunOS 4.1.x [References to the "SunOS 4.1.x" release/environment include the SunOS 4.1 release and all subsequent 4.1 releases: 4.1.1, 4.1.1 RevB, 4.1.2, 4.1.3, and 4.1.3c.] are supported in the Solaris 2.5 environment through the SunOS Binary Compatibility Package and the OpenWindows Binary Compatibility Package.

To use these packages, applications written under SunOS 4.x must not: