OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

E.1 Setting Up DECnet Internetworking

To set up DECnet internetworking, follow these steps:

  1. Enable a connection via DNI.

    The OpenWindows server and client libraries use a dynamically loadable version of the DNI transport library libdni. In order for the server and client libraries to load libdni you must set the environment variable DNI_X_ENABLE to the directory where is installed.

    The example below assumes you loaded DNI via pkgadd in the default location:

    $ DNI_X_ENABLE=/opt/SUNWconn/dni/lib

  2. Start the OpenWindows server.

    By default, the OpenWindows server supports "MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE" security. This security mechanism is user-specific, rather than host-specific -- you decide which users may connect to the server instead of which machines may connect to the server. In the default mode, the xhost command returns an empty list, and states only that security is turned on. You can turn off this security mode (and revert to the security mode of previous OpenWindows server versions) by using the -noauth option with the openwin command.

    $ openwin -noauth

  3. Request the owner of the machine running the OpenWindows software to use the xhost command to give DEC® VAX® permission to have an X11 connection to the OpenWindows server.

    In order for X11 clients to connect to the OpenWindows server through the DNI software, the DECnet node addresses must be mapped to their DECnet node names. You do this by creating and initializing the NCP database. This must also be done on the DEC VAX system.

    $ xhost decvax::

    The double colon specifies the DECNet transport.