OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

F.1.1 Adding Yourself to the sysadmin Group

To add yourself to the sysadmin group, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the system and become root.

  2. Start Admintool.

  3. Select Groups from the Browse menu.

  4. Click on sysadmin in the Admintool: Groups window.

  5. Select Modify from the Edit menu.

  6. Add your user account name to the Members List.

    Note -

    When entering names in the Members Lists, separate names with a comma, but no spaces, for example: cathy,brett,joan

  7. Click on OK.

    This adds you to the sysadmin group. After you are member of the sysadmin group, you can start Admintool and manage your system without having to log in as root.