OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

10.4.2 Listing the Available Fonts

You may want to experiment with more fonts than have been shown in the previous examples, and you may want to apply them to other OpenWindows applications. To do this you first list the available fonts and then select them. The Available Font List

You can see the entire list of available fonts by entering xlsfonts at the prompt in a terminal emulator window. It is best to use Command Tool to display the list because it is likely that the list will scroll off the top of the screen, and Command Tool has a scrollbar that will let you view the entire list.

Note -

The list generated from xlsfonts is very long; there are over 400 fonts available. If the listing on your screen does not contain the expected number of fonts, check with your system administrator. It is possible that a subset of the available fonts was installed.

Each font has a long name in addition to a shortened version. The full name for lucidasans-typewriter, for instance, is:

-b&h-lucida sans typewriter-medium-r-normal-sans-12-120-72-72-m-

The fonts you see in the xlsfonts listing are the long names followed by their short names. For the purposes described in this chapter, just use the short names.

Once you have chosen a font, follow the instructions in "10.4.1 Specifying the Font Style and Point Size"to customize the fonts in your application windows.