OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

7.5.4 Inserting a Copy of a Letter or File

You can insert a copy of any letter in your mailbox into the letter you're writing. Likewise, you can insert a copy of any text file. Inserting a Letter

The command form to insert a letter is

~m number

where number is the number of the letter to be inserted. For example, to send a letter to another user that includes a copy of letter number 3 from your mailbox list, you would do the following:

  1. On a new line give the command ~m 3 and then press Return.

  2. mailx displays the message, Interpolating: 3 (continue)

  3. You won't see the text of message 3, but the recipient will. You can go on with your letter after (continue), or you can send it as is.

  4. To see the complete letter, interpolation included, type the command ~p. Inserting a File

You can also insert a copy of any text file into a letter. Use the command form:

~r filename

as you're writing a letter. For example, to insert the file outline in the current letter, type:

~r outline