OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide Setting the Folder Directory

To use folders, you must first set up a folder directory. This is a two-step process:

  1. First, make the directory using the mkdir command.

    For example, if you wanted your folder directory to be called Letters, you would first make the directory:

    $ mkdir Letters

  2. Second, use a text editor to edit the .mailrc file in your home directory (which contains mailx options) to set the folder directory path.

    Here you need to edit the folder variable to include the full path name of your newly created folder directory. For example:

    set folder=/home/austin/rose/Letters

    or, using the C shell shortcut ~ to specify your home directory.

    set folder=~/Letters

Now your folder directory is set to receive letters saved in folders. (The change to the .mailrc file will take effect the next time you start mailx.)