OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

7.6.3 Reading Letters in Files and Folders

To read letters saved in a file, use the command form:

mailx -f filename

Using the example above, you would read the file ~/memos/finance by typing:

$ mailx -f ~/memos/finance

You can read letters saved in a folder with a similar command--just use the + instead of a pathname. For example, to read the letters in the folder projects, you would type:

$ mailx -f +projects

This command starts mailx in the file or folder designated. Only headers for the letters in the file or folder are displayed. Select a letter to read by typing its number at the mailx prompt and pressing Return.

You can also work on mail folders within the mailx program. To see a list of your folders, type this at a mailx prompt:

& folders

To switch from your mailbox to a folder, use the command form:

& folder +foldername

To return to your mailbox, type this at a mail prompt:

& %

To return to the previous folder, type:

& #