OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

A.2.3.1 Start-Up File Procedures

  1. To delete the .xinitrc file from your home directory, type the following command:

    $ rm .xinitrc

  2. To retain the changes to your .xinitrc file, do the following steps:

    1. Move .xinitrc to

      $ mv .xinitrc

    2. Copy /usr/openwin/lib/Xinitrc to .xinitrc in your home directory:

      $ cp /usr/openwin/lib/Xinitrc $HOME/.xinitrc

    3. Add the lines that you want to keep from the to .xinitrc.

      Caution - Caution -

      When editing the .xinitrc file, do not add a secondary version of olwm, do not add svenv, and do not remove the line containing /usr/openwin/lib/openwin-sys.