OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

9.3.1 Copying from Another Machine to Yours

To copy from a remote machine to your machine, the syntax is:

rcp machinename:source destination

where machinename is the name of the remote machine, source is the name of the file(s) you want to copy, and destination is the path name on your machine where you want the copied file(s) to reside.

The following example illustrates how to copy the file /home/dakota/doc/letter from the remote machine dakota to the /tmp directory on local machine blue:

$ rcp dakota:/home/dakota/doc/letter /tmp

You can also combine various abbreviations and syntaxes when using rcp. For example, to copy all of the files ending in .doc from user hank's home directory on remote machine fretful to the current directory on local machine blue, you would type the following:

$ rcp fretful:~hank/*.doc .