OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

9.2.2 rlogin as Someone Else

There may be times when you want to log in to a remote machine as someone else. For example, if you're working on someone else's machine (using their username) and you want to log in to your own machine as yourself. The -l option to rlogin allows you to do this. The command syntax is:

rlogin machinename -l username

For example, the following shows how user keithp on machine blue would log in to machine lonesome as earl:

$ rlogin lonesome -l earl
Last login: Wed Jan 8 07:12:25 from blue
Sun Microsystems, Inc.    SunOS 5.1      October 1992
(The following commands done on lonesome.)
$ pwd
$ logout
Connection closed.

Note that when you log in to a remote machine as someone else, you are placed in that user's home directory.