OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

9.2.5 Suspending an rlogin Connection

When you want to suspend an rlogin connection so you can return to it later, type the tilde character (~) followed by Ctrl-Z. The rlogin connection becomes a stopped process and you are placed back at the machine from which you logged in.

To reactivate the connection, type fg. Alternatively, you can type the percentage sign (%) followed by the process number of the stopped process (the default for %, if no process number is included, is the process most recently suspended).

$ rlogin lonesome
Last login: Tue Jan 7 08:12:49 from blue
Sun Microsystems, Inc.    SunOS 5.1      October 1992
(The following command done on lonesome.)
 ~^Z  (You may not see the ^Z on the screen.)
(The following command done on blue.)
$ pwd
$ %
rlogin lonesome

(The following command done on lonesome.)
$ logout
Connection closed.

Similar to aborting rlogin with ~~., typing two tildes and Ctrl-Z suspends the current rlogin and places you at an intermediate rlogin.