OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

D.2.3.3 Changing the Default Authorization Protocol

The default authorization protocol, MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1, can be changed to SUN_DES-1, the other supported authorization protocol, or to no user-based access mechanism at all. You change the default by supplying options with the openwin command. For example, to change the default from MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 to SUN-DES-1, start the OpenWindows software as follows:

example% openwin -auth sun-des

If you must run the OpenWindows software without the user-based access mechanism, use the -noauth command line option:

example% openwin -noauth

Caution - Caution -

Using -noauth weakens security. It is equivalent to running the OpenWindows software with the host-based access control mechanism only; the server inactivates the user-based access control mechanism. Anyone that can run applications on your local machine will be allowed access to your server.