OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

D.2.4.3 Allowing Access When Using SUN-DES-1

If you are using the SUN-DES-1 authorization protocol, follow these steps to allow another user access to your server:

  1. On the machine running the server, use xhost to make the new user known to the server.

    For this example, to allow new user somebody to run on myhost:

    myhost% xhost + somebody@

  2. The new user must use xauth to add the entry into their .Xauthority file.

    For this example, the new user's machine independent netname is unix.15339@EBB.Eng.Sun.COM. Note that this command should be typed on one line with no carriage return. After the pipe symbol, type a space followed by the remainder of the command.

    userhost% echo 'add myhost:0 SUN-DES-1 "unix.15339@EBB.Eng.Sun.COM"' |