OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

8.1.5 Summary Table of lp Options

You can customize your print request using options to the -lp command: specifying forms, character sets, filters, titles, banners, and so forth. Table 8-1 summarizes the frequently used options for the lp command. You can use these options individually or combine them in any order on the command line. When you combine options, use a space between each option and repeat the dash (-).

For example, to specify a destination printer, request email notification, and print six copies of a file, you would enter the following:

$ lp -d printername -m -n6 filename

where printername is the name of the desired printer and filename is the name of the file you are printing.

Table 8-1 Summary of Frequently Used lp Options




Destination. Specifies a destination printer by name. 


Mail. Sends email to the requestor when the file has printed successfully. 


Number. Specifies the number of copies to be printed. 


Title. Specifies a title (printed only on the banner page) for a print request. 

-o nobanner

Option. Suppresses printing of the banner page for an individual request. 


Header. Puts a header on each page of the print request. 


Copy. Copies the file before printing. 


Write. Writes a message to your terminal when the file has printed successfully. 

See the lp(1) man page for a complete list of options.