OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide SPARC: Starting with Multiple Monitors

SPARC only -

Note the following sections concerning "Starting with Multiple Monitors" apply only to SPARC-based machines. These sections require some system administration experience. If you have never configured a system, ask your system administrator for assistance.

To run the OpenWindows environment on multiple screens, you must inform the system of the additional devices and display types you want to run. You can either specify the device options or use the default values available with the openwin script that starts up the OpenWindows software.

Two options are required with the openwin command when you start the software on dual monitors:

$ openwin [ [ -dev device ] [ deviceoptions ] ]

The double brackets indicate that the combination of [ -dev device ] [ deviceoptions ] can be entered more than once on the command line (that is, once per device).

[ -dev device ]

The device command line option specifies the frame buffer device which the server should use for the display, or screen.

If the command line does not show this option, the server uses the default, /dev/fb. Multiple (more than one) occurrences of the -dev option on the command line indicate multiple displays on the same server.

[ deviceoptions ]

The deviceoptions command line option is a list of device modifiers that change the behavior of the device specified in the -devoption.