OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

A.2.5 Customizing the Workspace Menu

In OpenWindows 3.3, or later versions, you customize the Programs submenu on the workspace menu using Workspace Properties. Prior to OpenWindows 3.3, you did this customization by editing the .openwin-menu file in your home directory.

Note -

If you do not have a .openwin-menu file in your home directory, it is not necessary to do the following procedure. You can customize the workspace menu by using Workspace Properties.

If you do have a .openwin-menu file, you must perform the following steps in order to use Workspace Properties to customize your workspace menu.

If you see the following line in your .openwin-menu file:

"Programs"	MENU /usr/openwin/lib/openwin-menu-programs

delete it and replace it with this line:

"Programs"	INCLUDE openwin-menu-programs

If your .openwin-menu file does not contain the line that needs to be removed and replaced, simply add the substitute line to the .openwin-menu file, as shown above.

Adding or substituting this line adds the default Programs menu to your workspace menu. This enables you to customize it using Workspace Properties.

If, by chance, you end up with redundant items in your workspace menu, simply edit them out by removing the redundant lines from .openwin-menu.