OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

C.3.1 IA: Using the Remapping Script

Follow these steps to create and use your remapping script:

  1. Create a file in your home directory called fkeys using any text editor.

  2. Type in the script as shown in "C.3.1.1 The fkeys Script".

  3. Save the changes and quit the editor.

  4. At the prompt, type

    $xmodmap fkeys 

    You must be in the same directory as the script file.

  5. Click a mouse button in the Workspace to make the script take effect.

    Once you have completed these steps you can use the function keys as Help, Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo, and Front keys.

    Type the following script into the file fkeys, as described in Step 1.

C.3.1.1 The fkeys Script

keysym F2 = L10
keysym F3 = L6
keysym F4 = L8
keysym F5 = L9

keysym F8 = L4
keysym F9 = L5

remove control = Control_R
keycode 0x47 = Meta_R
add mod1 = Meta_R