OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

G.3.3.2 Copying Files from a PCMCIA Memory Card to a Hard Disk

  1. Type:

    % cd directory

    where directory is the name of the directory in which the files that you want to copy are located. In this case, the directory is located on the PCMCIA memory card.

    For example, to copy the file /home/samples/design, type:

    % cd /home/samples

  2. Type:

    % tar xvfp device_name filename

    Table G-5 tar Command Options to Copy Files from a PCMCIA Memory Card




    extracts a backup archive 


    displays a verbose listing 


    specifies an input device name 


    preserves the original modes of the file 

    Caution - Caution -

    If a file or directory with the same name as the one being copied already exists in the working directory, it is automatically overwritten.

    For example, to copy the file ./design from a PCMCIA memory card with an address /dev/rdsk/c1t6d0s2 to the working directory on your hard disk, type:

    tar xvfp /dev/rdsk/c1t6d0s2 ./design