OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide

G.5.4 Copying Files

You can use commands such as cp, rm, diff, and ls, to copy, remove, compare, and list the directory names of files on a PCMCIA memory card.

G.5.4.1 Copying Files from a Hard Disk to a PCMCIA Memory Card


    example# cp filename    /pcfs/filename

G.5.4.2 From a PCMCIA Memory Card to a Hard Disk

  1. Type:

    example# cp /pcfs/filename    /pathname/filename

    If you accidentally remove the PCMCIA memory card while mounted, unmount the mount directory.

  2. Insert the memory card to the PCMCIA socket to unmount the mount directory by typing:

    # umount mount_directory

    For example:

    example# umount /pcfs

G.5.4.3 Enabling Volume Management

    Enable Volume Management by typing:

    # /etc/init.d/volmgt start