NIS+ Transition Guide

Resolve Conflicts Between Login Names and Host Names

The NIS+ authentication scheme does not allow workstations and users to use the same names within a domain; for example, joe@joe is not permitted. Since NIS+ does not distinguish between credentials for hosts and login names, you can only use one credential type per name. If you have duplicate names in your namespace and you must keep the duplicate host name for some other reason, make this change: retain the user login name and alias the duplicate host names. Create a new name for the host and use the old name as an alias for the new name. See "Resolving User/Host Name Conflicts" for examples of illegal name combinations.

You must resolve name conflicts before the implementation can begin, but you should also plan on permanently checking new workstations and user names during routine NIS+ operation. The nisclient script does name comparisons when you use it to create a client credential.