NIS+ Transition Guide

Create a Conversion Plan for Your NIS Servers

Take stock of your NIS servers. Although you can recycle them after the transition is complete, keep in mind that you will go through a stage in which you will need servers for both services. Therefore, you cannot simply plan to satisfy all your NIS+ server needs with your existing NIS servers.

You might find it helpful to create a detailed conversion plan for NIS servers, identifying which NIS servers will be used for NIS+ and when they will be converted. Do not use the NIS servers as NIS+ servers during the first stages of NIS-to-NIS+ transition. As described in Chapter 6, Implementing the Transition, the implementation is most stable when you check the operation of the entire namespace as a whole before you convert any clients to NIS+.

Assign NIS servers to NIS+ domains and identify each server's role (master or replica). When you have identified the servers you plan to convert to NIS+ service, upgrade them to NIS+ requirements (see "Server Memory Requirements").