Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Connect a Help Menu to a Help Volume

After creating a help menu and attaching it to the Help item in a menu bar as explained in "To Create and Attach a Help Menu" , do the following to connect menu items to specific locations in a help volume. See "To Connect a Help Menu to On Item Help" for instructions for connecting the On Item help item in the Help menu to the On Item help function.

  1. Display the Connections Editor.

    Click Connections in the Revolving Property Editor or in the Menu Property Editor or choose Connections from the Editors menu.

  2. Choose Menu Item from the Source option menu.

  3. Select one of the Help menu items from the Source scrolling list.

  4. Choose Access Help Volume from the Action Type option menu.

  5. Type the name of the help volume in the Volume text field.

  6. Type the appropriate location ID in the Location text field.

  7. Click Connect to make the connection.