Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Generate Code From the Command Line

To generate App Builder code from the command line, run dtcodegen. Usage is described below.

Usage: dtcodegen [options] [project-file] [module-file [module-file] ...]

Code is generated for each module specified on the command line, or for all modules in the project, if no modules are specified. If no project file is specified, a project file containing the specified module(s) is searched for in the current directory.

Files with extension .bip are assumend to be BIL project files, files with .bix extension are assumed to be encapsulated BIL files, and files with a .bil extension are assumed to be BIL module files.

Options (* = default, + = default with no project file)
-help (-h)

Print out this help message


Write file containing main()


Only generate files that have changed

* -merge

Merge generated _stubs.c files with previous version


Don't merge existing and new stubs file

* -project (-p)

Specify a project to generate code for

-noproject (-np)

Use default project settings, ignore project file

+ -showall

Application shows (maps) all windows at startup

* -noshowall

Application shows (maps) only initially-visible windows

-silent (-s)

Silent mode, no messages written

-verbose (-v)

Verbose mode, detailed progress messages