Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Create a Menu

This description assumes you are creating a menu and attaching it to an interface object as two separate procedures. To combine these procedures, see "To Create and Attach a Menu".

Note -

Menus are available within modules only. Be sure the menu created is in the same module as the object you wish to attach the menu to. Menus are created in the current module, which is determined by what is selected in the interface. The Editing Module field in the object information area of the App Builder primary window indicates the current module.

  1. Display the Menu Property Editor by choosing Menus from the Editors menu in the App Builder primary window.

    Or, display the Revolving Property Editor and choose Menu as the Object Type.

    Choosing Menus from the Editors menu in the primary window is the same as clicking the Tear-off button in the Revolving Property Editor when the Object Type is Menu.

    See "Menu Property Editor" for a description of the editor.

    If no menus exist in the current project, the Menu Objects list will be blank and only the Add New Menu and Edit buttons will be active.

    If any menus exist in the current project, they will be listed in the Menu Objects list. One of the menus will be selected in the list and the menu's properties will be displayed for editing.

  2. Click Add New Menu.

    A menu will be created with a default Object Name ("menu," "menu2," and so on, depending on how many menus there are in the current module), and with two items in the Items list ("Item1" and "Item2"). The menu will be added to the end of the Menu Objects list, with the name of the current module preceding the menu name. The menu will have default values for Object Name, Tearoff, Items, Item Label Type, Label, and Item State.

    If you know you are going to need a number of menus, you could create them all at the same time by clicking Add New Menu the appropriate number of times. You can also create menus that will be used as submenus, to be attached to menu items, at this time.

  3. Edit the menu, as described in "To Edit a Menu".

    You can edit the menu immediately after creating it or you can edit it later.

After you have created and edited a menu you will want to attach it to an interface object and make the menu functional by creating connections between menu items and specific actions. See "To Attach an Existing Menu to an Object" and "Connecting Menu Items to Actions" for instructions. See "To Attach an Existing Submenu to a Menu Item" if you want to attach a submenu to a menu item.