Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Create and Attach a Help Menu

A help menu at the right end of the menu bar in the application primary main window is a common feature of applications. Do the following to create a help menu and attach it to the Help item of a menu bar. These instructions assume you have included a menu bar in the primary main window and that Help is one of the menu bar items.

  1. Display the Revolving Property Editor with Menubar selected in the editor.

    Double-click the appropriate menu bar in the interface or the Module Browser or choose Menubar from the Object Type menu in the Revolving Property Editor and select the desired menu bar in the Objects list. This will normally be the menu bar in the primary main window.

  2. Select Help in the Items list.

    This is the Help item on the menu bar.

  3. Click mouse button 2 or press mouse button 1 or 3 on the Pulldown Menu menu button. Choose Create New Menu from the Menus submenu.

    The name of the new menu will be displayed in the text field of the Pulldown Menu and the Menu Property Editor will be displayed with the new menu loaded.

  4. Edit the menu.

    1. If you want a Help menu that looks like the App Builder Help menu, for instance, add four items to the two default items in the Items list. Select each item in turn and type appropriate labels (Overview, Tasks, Reference, On Item, Using Help, and About [application_name], for instance).

    2. Add item mnemonics and accelerators, if appropriate.

      See "Menu Property Editor" for details.

    3. Make other changes to the menu, if appropriate.

  5. Click OK or Apply in the Menu Property Editor.

    The menu is complete. The Menu Property Editor will be dismissed if you click OK.

  6. Click OK or Apply in the Revolving Property Editor.

    The Help menu has been attached to the Help item in the menu bar. The Revolving Property Editor will be dismissed if you click OK.