Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Create a Group

  1. Select the control objects you want to be part of the group.

    You can select the objects either in the interface or the Module Browser, and you can select the objects in whatever manner is most convenient. See "To Select Control Objects in the Interface or the Browser" for instructions.

  2. Choose Group from the Layout menu or the pop-up menu (displayed by pressing mouse button 3 with the cursor in the window interface or in the Module Browser).

    A rectangular box will be drawn around the group in the interface, indicating that the group is selected. Note that Ungroup is active in the Layout and pop-up menus; this is only true when a group is selected.

    A new object will be displayed and selected in the Module Browser--an object called "group" (or "group2," and so on, if other groups exist in the module). The group object is the parent of the objects that comprise the group. Group members cannot be moved independently. Any attempt to move an object in a group will cause the entire group to move.