Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide

To Test Connections in a Project

  1. Display the modules to be tested, if necessary.

    See "To Show a Hidden Module" for instructions.

  2. Click Test Project.

    All build windows except the App Builder primary window will be closed, and the primary window will be inactive except for the Build button and the Help menu. Only windows in the project with an initial state set to Visible will be displayed.

  3. Click a button or choose a menu item that has a testable connection.

    The following connections should work in test mode as they will work in the compiled application:

    • Show

    • Hide

    • Set Value

    • Set Text

    • Access Help Volume

    • Activate On Item Help

    • Enable

    • Disable

    If you connect a button to a custom dialog, for instance, specifying the button as the source object, Activated as the When action, the custom dialog as the target object, and Show as the Action Type, the custom dialog will be displayed when you click the button.

    Connections to Call Function and Execute Code will be noted by messages to standard out.

    Connections to Application Framework, ToolTalk, and message dialogs are not supported in test mode.