Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview

Controlling Tracing

Controlling libtt Tracing

One way to control libtt's tracing behavior is to set the environment variable $TT_TRACE_SCRIPT .

Note -

libtt's tracing fails gracefully if the variable's value is corrupt or inconsistent.

Controlling Client-Side Tracing

The tt_trace_control call sets or clears an internal flag to control all client-side tracing. You can use this call to trace suspect areas in your code. The format of this call is:

int tt_trace_control(int option)

where option 0 to turn tracing off; 1 to turn tracing on; and -1 to toggle tracing on and off. When tracing is on, the extent of tracing is controlled by the TT_TRACE_SCRIPT variable or tracefile. This call returns the previous setting of the trace flag.