Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


char *        ttdt_open(    int *         ttfd,
  							 const char *   toolname,
  							 const char *   vendor,
 							 const char *   version,
  							 int            sendStarted

The ttdt_open() function creates a ToolTalk communication endpoint. This function calls tt_open() and tt_fd() functions. The ttdt_open() function associates toolname, vendor, and version with the created procid. It initializes the new procid's default contexts from environ(5). If the sendStarted argument is set, this function sends a Started notice.

The ttdt_open() function returns the created procid in a string that can be freed with the tt_free() function.

This function can return any error returned by the tt_open() and tt_fd() functions. If the Started notice fails, errors are not propagated.