Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview


Tt_status			ttmedia_Deposit(		  Tt_message		load_contract,
  								const char *							buffer_id,
 								const char *							media_type,
  								const unsigned char *				new_contents,
  								int							new_len,
  								const char *							pathname,
  								XtAppContext							app2run,
  								int							ms_timeout );

The ttmedia_Deposit function sends a Deposit request to checkpoint a document that was the subject of a Media Exchange load_contract request such as Edit, Compose, or Open.

This function creates and sends a Deposit request and returns the success or failure of that request.

After the request is sent, app2run and ms_timeout are passed to the tttk_block_while() function to wait for the reply.

Table A-21 Possible Errors Returned by the ttmedia_Deposit


The ttsession process is not available. The ToolTalk service tries to restart ttsession if it is not running. This error indicates that the ToolTalk service is either not installed or not installed correctly. 


The process identifier specified is out of date or invalid. 


There is not enough available memory to perform the operation. 


The ToolTalk service has received the maximum amount of active messages (2000) it can properly handle. 


The ToolTalk service could not access the ToolTalk database needed for this operation. 


The ToolTalk service did not find the specified ToolTalk database in the expected place. 


No reply was received before the allotted timeout. 


Path name was null, or was a ToolTalk error pointer.