Common Desktop Environment: ToolTalk Messaging Overview

Developing a Scenario

A scenario outlines the order of the events and operations that a tool will expect to perform and have performed. For example, the following scenario outlines the events that the ToolTalk demo program CoEd expects to perform and have performed:

  1. User double-clicks on a document icon in the File Manager.

    The file opens in the editor, which is started by the system if one is not already running.

    If another tool has modifications to the text pending for the document, User is asked whether the other tool should save the text changes or revert to the last saved version of the document.

  2. User inserts text.

  3. User saves the document.

    If another tool has modifications pending for the document, User is asked whether to modify the document.

  4. User exits the editor.

    If text has unsaved changes, User is asked whether to save or discard the changes before quitting the file.

Once the scenario is done, you can answer your basic questions.

How Will the Tools Work Together?

What Kinds of Operations Do the Tools Perform?

What Kinds of Operations Can the Tools Ask Other Tools to Perform?

What Events Will the Tools Generate That May Interest Other Tools?

What Events Generated by Other Tools Will Be of Interest to This Tool?