Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

DiskSuite Tool

DiskSuite Tool is a graphical user interface for setting up and administering a DiskSuite configuration. The command to start DiskSuite Tool is:

# metatool &

DiskSuite Tool provides a graphical view of DiskSuite objects--metadevices, hot spare pools, and the MetaDB object for the metadevice state database. DiskSuite Tool uses drag and drop manipulation of DiskSuite objects, enabling you to quickly configure your disks or change an existing configuration.

DiskSuite Tool provides graphical views of both physical devices and metadevices, helping simplify storage administration. You can also perform tasks specific to administering SPARCstorageTM Arrays using DiskSuite Tool.

However, DiskSuite Tool cannot perform all DiskSuite administration tasks. You must use the command line interface for some operations (for example, creating and administering disksets).

To learn more about using DiskSuite Tool, refer to Chapter 4, DiskSuite Tool.