Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Hot Spare Pools

A hot spare pool is an ordered list (collection) of hot spares.

You can place hot spares into one or more pools to get the most security from the fewest slices. Then, a hot spare pool can be assigned to any number of submirror metadevices or RAID5 metadevices.

Note -

You can assign a single hot spare pool to multiple submirrors or RAID5 metadevices. On the other hand, a submirror or a RAID5 metadevice can be associated with only one hot spare pool.

When errors occur, DiskSuite checks the hot spare pool for the first available hot spare whose size is equal to or greater than the size of the slice being replaced. If found, DiskSuite changes the hot spare's status to "In-Use" and automatically resyncs the data. In the case of a mirror, the hot spare is resynced with data from a good submirror. In the case of a RAID5 metadevice, the hot spare is resynced with the other slices in the metadevice. If a slice of adequate size is not found in the list of hot spares, the submirror or RAID5 metadevice that failed goes into an "errored" state. In the case of the submirror, it no longer replicates the data which that slice represented. In the case of the RAID5 metadevice, data redundancy is no longer available.

Hot Spare Pool Conventions