Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Reference Guide

Creating a Concatenated Stripe in the File

This example shows a metadevice, /dev/md/dsk/d75, that consists of two stripes that are concatenated together.

# (concatenation of two stripes, each made of three disks)
d75 2 3 c0t1d0s2 c0t2d0s2 c0t3d0s2 -i 16k \

     3 c1t1d0s2 c1t2d0s2 c1t3d0s2 -i 32k

The -i 16k specifies a 16 Kbytes interlace value for the first stripe. The -i 32k specifies a 32 Kbyte for the second stripe. The address blocks for each set of three disks are interlaced across three disks.