Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 User's Guide

How to Expand a Mirror (DiskSuite Tool)

Use this task to expand a mirror's submirrors. You need to expand each submirror. You can expand a submirror while it is in use, without having to take it offline.

  1. Make sure you have met the prerequisites ("Prerequisites for Maintaining DiskSuite Objects") and have read the preliminary information ("Preliminary Information for Expanding Slices and Metadevices").

  2. Double-click an existing Mirror object in the Objects list.

    The object appears on the canvas.

  3. To add a slice to the submirror, click Slices to open the Slice Browser. To add a Concat/Stripe object, select one from the Objects list.

  4. Select and drag a slice from the Slice Browser, or a Concat/Stripe object from the Objects list, to the top of one of the submirror rectangles in the Mirror object.

    Select a slice or concat/stripe of the appropriate size. Use Control-click to select multiple slices.

  5. When you drag the slice or Concat/Stripe object to the Mirror object, a Warning dialog box appears because the submirror will be a different size after the addition. Click Continue.

    The slice or concat/stripe object is added to the bottom of the submirror rectangle.

  6. Select and drag a slice or Concat/Stripe object to the top of one of the second submirror rectangles in the Mirror object.

    A Validation dialog box appears. Click OK.

    If you have a third submirror, repeat this step.

  7. Click the top of the Mirror object then click Commit.

    Mounted file system only: A GrowFS dialog box appears. Click Grow Now to begin running the growfs(1M) command. A GrowFS Running message appears. If you click Terminate GrowFS, the command is aborted. Otherwise, when the growfs(1M) command finishes, you are returned to the DiskSuite Tool window.

    Application using the raw device: Such applications must have their own method, outside of DiskSuite, to recognize the expanded space.

  8. To verify that the mirror was committed, display the Configuration Log.