Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 User's Guide

How to Flush Outstanding Writes From NVRAM (DiskSuite Tool)

This task flushes out all outstanding writes for the selected controller (and all disks), tray (and all disks in that tray), or individual disk(s), from the NVRAM to disk.

  1. Make sure you have met the prerequisites ("Prerequisites for Managing the System") and have read the preliminary information ("Preliminary Information for Purging and Flushing NVRAM Data").

  2. Click Disk View.

    The Disk View window appears.

  3. In the Disk View window, select a controller, tray, or individual disk or disks.

  4. Choose Sync NVRAM from the Object menu.

  5. A confirmation dialog box appears, indicating the NVRAM will be synced. Click OK.