Solstice DiskSuite 4.2.1 Installation and Product Notes

How to Add Packages Using Software Manager

This procedure assumes that root is a member of the sysadmin group (GID 14).

  1. As root, start Software Manager.

    # swmtool &

    In Solaris 2.5 and later versions, Admintool is invoked.

  2. Select Add from the Edit menu.

    The Admintool: Set Source Media window may appear. If so, specify the path to the installation media, then click OK. The default path is a mounted CD.

  3. Choose the packages you want to install.

    Click the box next to each software component in the Software list. There are multiple packages per component.

    When you choose to install software using Admintool, the packages are installed in the proper order, regardless of the selection order.

  4. Click the Add button.

    A Command Tool window appears for the installation process.

  5. Respond with y to any prompts about continuing the installation.

  6. Ignore the following message that appears after the installation has finished.

    System warning: No such file or directory, extras menu file 
    /usr/lib/.text_extras_menu (Textsw package)