JDK 1.1 for Solaris Developer's Guide

Java Development Tools

The following sections describe Java development tools.

Java WorkShop (JWS)

JWS is a powerful, visual development tool for professional Java developers. It offers a complete, easy-to-use toolset for building Java applets and applications quickly and easily.

JWS uses its own Java interpreter and consists of eight applications, as shown in the following table.

Table 3-4 Java WorkShop Application List
 Application Description
 Portfolio Manager

Creates and customizes portfolios of Java projects. It manages collections of objects and applets from which new applets and applications can be created. 

Project Manager 

Sets preferences and directories for a project. Organizes and saves locations and preferences so that developers need not memorize paths to components. 

Source Editor 

A point-and-click tool for creating and editing source code. Other components of Java WorkShop invoke the Source Editor at many points in the creation, compiling, and debugging processes. 

Build Manager 

Compiles Java source code to Java bytecode and locates errors in the source. In launching the Source Editor, the Build Manager links the developer to the Source Editor, allowing quick correction and compilation. 

Source Browser 

Displays a tree diagram that shows the class inheritance of all the objects in the project. It also lists all constructor and general methods in the project and allows string and symbol searches. The Source Browser links to the Source Editor to view the code. 


Provides an array of tools to control and manage the debugging process. By running the application or applet under a control panel, the developer can stop and resume threads, set break points, trap exceptions, view threads in alphabetical order, and see messages. 

Applet Tester 

Similarly to appletviewer, Applet Tester lets the developer run and test the applet. Use Build Manager to compile the applet, then run it with Applet Tester. 

Online Help 

Is organized into the topics "Getting Started," "Debugging Applets," "Building Applets," "Managing Applets," and "Browsing Source". There are also buttons for a table of contents and index. 

Visual Java 

An integrated Java GUI builder that has a point-and-click interface with a pallet of customizable pre-built GUI foundation widgets.  

For more JWS information, refer to http://www.sun.com/workshop/java/.