Korean Solaris User's Guide

The Localized CDE Desktop

The following desktop tools are provided in this Solaris release. All can handle Korean input and output. A man page is provided for each.

Address Manager - Carries out remote operations and finds information about the systems and users on your network. Can speed up such tasks as sending email, logging in remotely, and setting appointments on someone else's calendar.

Application Manager - Contains the applications available on your system. You can launch these applications through the Application Manager interface.

Audio Tool - Tool for recording, playing, editing, and controlling workstation audio parameters.

Calculator - Visual calculator for use with mouse or keyboard.

Calendar Manager - Manages business and social appointments; can use electronic mail to send automatic reminders.

Clock - Displays current analog or digital time.

Console - Standard Motif scrolling window terminal emulator.

File Finder - Tool for searching for a folder and subfolders that returns a list of files or folders that match your search criteria. You can also specify the size, owner, date modified, type and permissions in your search criteria.

File Manager - Graphical tool for accessing files and directories. Represents file types with varying colors and icons. Navigates through the file system with the mouse.

Front Panel - A centrally-located window containing controls for accessing applications and utilities, including the workspace switch. The Front Panel occupies all workspaces.

Help - On-line searchable help for CDE.

Icon Editor - Visual tool for editing icon appearance and creating new icons.

Image Tool - Interactive image viewer. Image Tool can be used to view the contents of file types such as GIF, TIFF, JPEG, PostScript, and others.

Mailer - Tool for handling electronic mail.

Performance Meter - Real-time system performance meter that can display a variety of data.

Print Manager - Graphical front-end to the print command. It supports drag-and-drop file transfer operations.

Process Manager - Tool for displaying and performing actions on the processes that are currently running on your workstation.

Snapshot - Tool to snap or capture picture of a window or region of a screen in a bitmap (raster file). Used for capturing screen image displays in this user's guide.

Text Editor - Visual text editor used in CDE tools such as the Mailer composition window.

Style Manager - Tool for setting workstation preferences, such as audio feedback from keyboard, mouse response, and so on.

Terminal - Standard Motif window terminal emulator. The window behaves like an ASCII character terminal for entry of UNIX® commands at a system shell prompt and other terminal operations.