Korean Solaris User's Guide

Appendix D Mapping Korean Keyboard Functions

This appendix shows you how to configure a Sun Korean keyboard to make selected key functions when you need them.

Two keys are missing on the Korean Type-4 and Type-5 keyboards. They have no Compose or AltGraph keys.

You can use the xmodmap command to make any existing key function as a Compose or AltGraph key. The following example command sequence makes the right Meta key ([diams ]) function as the AltGraph key:

system% xmodmap -e "remove mod1 = Meta_R" 
system% xmodmap -e "remove mod2 = Mode_switch"
system% xmodmap -e "add mod2 = Meta_R"
system% xmodmap -e "keysym Meta_R = Mode_switch" 

The following command sequence maps the left Meta key ([diams ]) to the Compose key:

system% xmodmap -e "keysym Meta_L = Multi_key" 

The $OPENWINHOME/share/etc/keytables/Korea4.kt and $OPENWINHOME/share/etc/keytables/Korea5.kt files and xmodmap(1) man page provide more information.