Korean Solaris User's Guide

Finding a Hanja

To search the two parts of the Hangul-Hanja dictionary you can use the scroll bars on the sides of the System Dictionary and User Dictionary scrolling list areas.

To find the Hanja(s) associated with a particular Hangul word, turn on Hangul input conversion and then proceed as follows:

  1. Type the Hangul word in the Hangul: field.

    The entry appears reverse-video highlighted in the preedit area as you type.

  2. Commit the entry by pressing Control-K.

    The following display appears:

  3. With the correct Hangul word committed in the Hangul: field, click on the Find button to command the Hanja Tool to search.

    This produces a display like the following:


    The line beneath the status area tells the number of the word in the User Dictionary and System Dictionary.