Traditional Chinese Solaris User's Guide

Editing a BDF Font File

  1. In the Font Editor tool window, choose FileLoad and load the font template file for the character(s) you will create.

  2. For example, to edit or create myfont14 font characters, load myfont14.bdf:

  3. Click Select button to display the Fontedit: Select window.

  4. To edit a character, type the hexadecimal high and low bytes of the font encoding code assigned to the character.

    Click the right or left arrows to increase or decrease the numbers.

  5. Click Edit in the Fontedit: Select window.

    This clears the field or displays the character for editing in the Font Editor main window:

  6. Edit the glyph by turning on or off the pixels on the main canvas:

    • Click the SELECT mouse button to turn on a pixel.

    • Click the ADJUST mouse button to turn off a pixel.

    • Hold down the MENU mouse button for a menu of additional functions.

    Note -

    The character glyph in the upper left corner of the main window shows the actual appearance of the glyph as you turn its pixels on and off.

  7. In the Select window, type the TsangChieh, I-Tien, and Telecode input methods keystroke sequences for the character.

  8. Save the character, including its glyph and input strokes, by clicking Store in the Select window.

  9. Repeat the preceding steps as needed to create or modify font glyphs.

  10. After you have edited the character(s), select Save... from the File menu and type the name of the font file.

    In this example, you would save the font file in /tmp/newfont/myfont14.bdf.

  11. Select Save Dictionary from the File menu to save the input keystrokes in the dictionary.

    In this exercise, save the dictionary in /tmp/newfont/eucinput.usr.

  12. Click Continue in the message that appears to save the dictionary.

    The dictionary is saved when you click Continue. A message appears saying you must install the dictionary in the /usr/lib/mle/zh_TW/eucinput.usr file on your system before you can use the new input method keystrokes to type the new characters.