Solaris 8 System Administration Supplement

Chapter 1 What's New at a Glance

This chapter highlights new features added to the Solaris 8 operating environment in the 6/00 releases.

Table 1-1 Solaris 8 Features


First Released in . . . 

Volume Management Enhancements 

Removable media management now fully supports removable media such as DVD-ROM, Zip and Jaz drives, CD-ROMs, and diskettes. For information on how to use this feature, see Chapter 2, Improved Removable Media Management. 6/00

System Performance Enhancement 

The Enhanced Directory Name Look-up Cache (DNLC) provides improved performance when accessing files in large directories. For information on how to use this feature, see "DNLC Improvements". 6/00

Resource Management Enhancements 

Extended accounting introduces a new, variable length, general-purpose accounting file format that represents general groups of accounting data, as well as the ability to configure resource utilization recorded by the kernel in the various accounting files. For information on how to use this feature, see "Extended Accounting Features".



The Generic Security Services Application Programming Interface (GSS-API) is a security framework that allows applications to protect the data they transmit. The GSS-API provides authentication, integrity, and confidentiality services to applications. It permits those applications to be entirely generic with respect to security; that is, they do not have to know the underlying platform (such as Solaris) or security mechanism (such as Kerberos) being used. This means that applications using the GSS-API can be highly portable.  

For more information, see GSS-API Programming Guide.



Mobile IP (Internet Protocol) enables the transfer of information to and from mobile computers, such as laptops and wireless communications. The mobile computer can change its location to a foreign network and still access and communicate with and through the mobile computer's home network. The Solaris implementation of Mobile IP supports only IPv4.  

For more information, see Mobile IP Administration Guide.


Early Access 

This release includes an Early Access (EA) directory with EA software. For more information, see the Readme on the Solaris Software CD 2 of 2.