Solaris 8 (SPARC Platform Edition) Online Release Notes Update

Sun UltraSPARC System (sun4u) May Need Boot Flash PROM Upgrade

Note -

If your system is already running 64-bit ready firmware, then the flash PROM upgrade is not required.

If you want to run the 64-bit Solaris operating environment on an UltraSPARCTM system, you may need to upgrade its flash PROM firmware. The Solaris 8 installation programs have a checkbox for adding 64-bit support. This 64-bit support is selected by default when installing on Sun UltraSPARC systems. A 64-bit system only boots in the 64-bit mode by default if it has a CPU speed of 200 Mhz or greater.

Note -

If you choose to run the 32-bit Solaris operating environment on any SunTM or UltraSPARC system, the flash PROM upgrade is not needed.

The following table lists the UltraSPARC (sun4u) systems that are affected and the minimum firmware versions needed. System type is the equivalent of the output of the uname -i command. You can tell what firmware version you are running by using the prtconf -V command.

System Type from uname -i

Minimum Firmware Version from prtconf -V











Note -

If a system is not listed in the above table, it does not need a flash PROM upgrade.

For instructions on performing the flash PROM update using the Solaris CD, refer to the Solaris 8 on Sun Hardware Collection. If you do not have this manual, it can be obtained at