GSS-API Programming Guide

Introduction to the Sample Programs

Appendix A, Sample C–Based GSS-API Programs contains source code for two C-language applications, one for a client and one for a server, that make use of the GSS-API. This chapter guides you through those applications, step-by-step; it is intended to be read while referring to Appendix A, Sample C–Based GSS-API Programs. It does not attempt to explain every facet of the applications in detail. Rather, it focuses on the aspects that relate to using the GSS-API.

Caution – Caution –

Because the GSS_API does not automatically clean up after itself, applications and functions using the GSS-API must do so themselves. This means that functions that use GSS-API buffers or GSS-API namespaces, for example, should call GSS-API functions such as gss_release_buffer() and gss_release_name() when they are finished.

To save space and avoid repetition, we have generally not included such cleanup in the following code walk-through. Be aware that it must be performed. However; refer to Appendix A, Sample C–Based GSS-API Programs to see the sample programs in full if you are unsure how or when to use the cleanup functions.