GSS-API Programming Guide


If permitted, a context initiator can request that the context acceptor act as a proxy, in which case the acceptor can initiate further contexts on behalf of the initiator. An example of such delegation would be where someone on Machine A wanted to rlogin to Machine B, and then rlogin from Machine B to Machine C, as shown in Figure 1–8. (Depending on the mechanism, the delegated credential identifies B either as A or “B acting for A.”)

Figure 1–8 Credential Delegation


If delegation is permitted, ret_flags will be set to GSS_C_DELEG_FLAG; the acceptor receives a delegated credential as the delegated_cred_handle argument of gss_accept_sec_context(). Delegating a credential is not the same as exporting a context (see Context Export and Import). One difference is that an application can delegate its credentials multiple times simultaneously, while a context can only be held by one process at a time.