IP Network Multipathing Administration Guide

IPv4 Test Addresses

The in.mpathd multipathing daemon requires a test IP address for detecting failures and repairs. You must use a routeable address for this IP address. That is, the subnet prefix of the address must be known to any routers present on the link. You use the ifconfig command's new -failover option to configure a test address. Use the following syntax to configure a test address:

# ifconfig interface-name addif ip-address <other-parameters> -failover up

For <other-parameters>, use the parameters required by your configuration. See the ifconfig(1M) man page for descriptions. "How to Configure a Multipathing Interface Group with Two Interfaces" shows the steps you perform for an IPv4 test address.

For example, to add a new logical interface with an address of, the netmask and broadcast address set to the default value, and also configure the interface with a test address, type the following:

# ifconfig hme0 addif netmask + broadcast + -failover up

Note -

You must mark an IPv4 test address as deprecated to prevent applications from using the test address (see "How to Configure a Multipathing Interface Group with Two Interfaces").

Use failover without the dash to turn on the failover attribute of the address.

Note -

All test IP addresses in a multipathing group must use the same network prefix. That is, the test IP addresses must belong to a single IP subnet.