Solaris Handbook for Sun Frame Buffers

Printing the PGX Hardware Configuration

  1. To print the PGX hardware configuration information, type:

    /usr/sbin/m64config -prconf

The following is a typical display of the hardware configuration information:

--- Hardware Configuration for /dev/fbs/m640 ---
ASIC: version 0x41004754
DAC: version 0x0
PROM: version 0x0
Card possible resolutions: 640x480x60, 800x600x75, 1024x768x60
	1024x768x70, 1024x768x75, 1280x1024x75, 1280x1024x76
	1280x1024x60, 1152x900x66, 1152x900x76, 1280x1024x67
	960x680x112S, 960x680x108S, 640x480x60i, 768x575x50i, 1280x800x76
	1440x900x76, 1600x1000x66, 1600x1000x76, vga, svga, 1152, 1280
Monitor possible resolutions:  720x400x70, 720x400x88, 640x480x60
	640x480x67, 640x480x72, 640x480x75, 800x600x56, 800x600x60
	800x600x72, 800x600x75, 832x624x75, 1024x768x87, 1024x768x60
	1152x900x76, 1280x1024x67, 960x680x112S, vga, svga, 1152, 1280
Current resolution setting: 1280x1024x76
Current depth: 8